Paleochora is located at the southwest coastline of Crete. Its built on a small peninsula of 400m width and 700m length and the Libyan Sea wets its coasts of 11km length.

Its unique picturesqueness has a perfect landscape alternation: its mountains from the south meet the deep blue beaches and the olive trees are alternated with cedars, eucalyptus and other trees. Its rightly called as the Azure Coast of the East Mediterranean.

At this location many Venetian maps present the Fort called Selino – Kasteli. The fort was built in 1280-82 and for its favor all the country was renamed from “Orina” to “Selino”.

Sorry, your browser doesn’t support Java. It is thought possible that Paleochora is built on the ruins of the ancient city of Kalamydi.

The fort was destroyed by the Romans of the Crete at that time, in 1332. It was rebuilt in 1334 by the Venetians and under the Fort they founded a new settlement for workers and merchants, that took the name Vourgos. The pirate Barbarosa destroyed the fort in 1539, but later in 1595 Dolf revamped it.

In 1645 the Turks conquerors, with the proper modifications ,they adjust the place in a way that fit them.

In 1834 an English traveler named Robert Pashley found the fort completely destroyed and the whole area without any inhabitants and only with a granary and one or two small buildings left.

In 1866 begun the reinhabitation of the place known today as Paleochora and it must have taken it’s name from the old buildings of the venetian settlement of Boyrgou (old-settlement).

Today paleochora is one of the fastest growing and second already in size tourist towns in southern Crete.

Paleochora has crystal clear waters , well organized beaches and beautiful isolated little anchorages.

There you can find wonderful restaurants or nice taverns with Greek and traditional Cretan cuisine, you can also find picturesque cafes and night-clubs.

Even if you are a traveler you can relax in one of the hotels, apartments or even a studio you can find in our area.The warm hospitality, the friendly mood and the without any faked elements behavior of the people leaving here,make any visitor feel that a piece from his own soul, his own heart want to stay here and never leave again.

But the one thing that is truly unique in Paleochora is it’s magnificent nights.

All roads are closed for any vehicle and the whole place turns into a paradise for both old and young people to relax.

In that magically transformed scenery, Paleochora awaits you in one of it’s bars for a drink or in a disco to have fun till morning.